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Additionally, says Kokenes, use a calendar to mark down goals and track them. "Phone apps are also great check-ins for people," she says, "and some provide positive reinforcement — like a blue dot on the Weight Watchers app that shows you met your goal for that day." One of the first steps is to rethink the whole "resolution" concept, says life coach Kathryn "Kabee" Kokenes. "Tying goals to a magical day or specific time of the year doesn't work well for most people," says Kokenes. "Renewal is available to all of us, all of the time, not just on a specific day." Kokenes recommends a change in how people approach goal setting. Goals should be positive and full of self-compassion, she says. "I encourage my clients to find a community they are comfortable with and to keep goals positive: 'I want to be healthier,' not 'I want to lose 40 pounds,'" says Kokenes. The first goal is easier to control and more motivating." Another key to success is to break down goals into actionable steps. For example, says Kokenes, "If you hate to work out, then an actionable step for you would be to place your workout clothes and shoes right next to the bed, so the first thing you do in the morning is step into your workout gear." Visualization has proven to be a powerful tool to help people stick to goals. "Make a vision board," says Kokenes. "This is what I want my life to look like. Write down what you wish for yourself. When you become more mindful of what you want, subconsciously you are more likely to notice opportunities to make that happen." two one three four five BALLANTYNE SUMMER 2018 68 Feature

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