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The training includes videos, interactive activities and role playing to demonstrate how the material may be applied to real-life situations. Breaking Stigmas "MHFA breaks stigmas; it allows more people to be aware of what mental health really looks like," says Ericka Ellis-Stewart, the education and advocacy program coordinator at MHA and an at-large member of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board. Organizers hope participants leave MHFA training with an awareness of stigmas associated with mental illness, the ability to recognize when someone is dealing with a mental health problem or crisis and the confidence to connect people to resources. "We want people to understand the prevalence of mental health conditions," Ellis-Stewart says. "One in five of us will experience a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year. We want people to understand that a mental health condition is just as debilitating, or more debilitating, than a physical health condition." Chris Davenport, a firefighter engineer with Ladder 32 was trained with the other 1,100 CFD firefighters this spring. He's been at the firehouse for 16 of his 17 years of service. It's not unusual for him to encounter people experiencing a mental health crisis when he goes out on a call. He's excited to know how to direct people to the right community resources, and that his fellow firefighters do, too. "It's opened up all of our eyes," Davenport says. "It will help us better serve our clientele and help us be more compassionate." LEARN KEY STEPS, MENTAL HEALTH INFO Mental Health First Aid uses the "ALGEE" mnemonic device to help people remember key steps in aiding someone in mental health distress. Also, websites listed below offer further information. "ALGEE" 5-Step Action Plan • Assess for risk of suicide or harm • Listen nonjudgmentally • Give reassurance and information • Encourage appropriate professional help • Encourage self-help and other support strategies Want More Info? • Mental Health First Aid: • National Institute of Mental Health: • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: • National Alliance on Mental Health: Ericka Ellis-Stewart FOR THE LOVE OF SEAFOOD Come to the eclectic little oyster bar where you can enjoy amazing seafood, a casual, fun atmosphere and have an extraordinary experience. 1 A M S U N D A Y - T H U R S D A Y 1 1 A M - 1 0 P M F R I D A Y & S A T U R D A Y 1 1 A M - 1 1 P M H A P P Y H O U R M O N D A Y - F R I D A Y 4 P M - 6 P M S T O N E C R E S T A T P I P E R G L E N B A L L A N T Y N E / 7 8 0 4 R E A R D C H A R L O T T E , N C 2 8 2 7 7 / ( 9 8 0 ) 4 9 8 - 7 2 4 7 Courtesy of Ericka Ellis-Stewart BALLANTYNE SUMMER 2018 54 Feature

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