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restaurant. Interacting with the work outside a formal gallery can be more comfortable for many , and this collection is proving to be particularly engaging as several pieces have recently sold." In connection with the display, special live art events will be held at The Ballantyne (page 65). Creating opportunities for people to connect with art in nontraditional settings is in line with the ASC's mission and one of the reasons its leaders delighted in pairing Andress with The Ballantyne. "Emily's role as an artist, arts advocate and connecter of creatives in our community makes her an ideal partner with The Ballantyne for this project," says Ryan Deal, ASC's vice president of cultural and community investment. The exhibition offers vivid and bold colors, figurative and abstract work and a variety of artistic techniques, styles and media choices, including oil and acrylics. "The restaurant servers are taken with the work and want to know the back stories of the pieces to share with the guests," Andress notes. "There is a great deal of conversation about the art. It's special to see that." The art's interpretive nature challenges viewers to look beyond the surface of each piece to find the larger story. "The work is not simply decorative," Andress says. "Each artist has a unique way of expressing themselves, and they each have something to say." Reaching New Audiences The opportunity to reach new audiences is exciting for the artists. "A completely new crowd is seeing my work," says Diane Pike, whose works are featured in Gallery's private dining room. "I'm delighted to show here." Abstract painter Luis Ardila echoed those thoughts. "I'm pleased for a new audience to see a connection to a new way of thinking represented in my work." says Ardila, who, like Andress, depicts the syncretism philosophy through his pieces. "People are comfortable and relaxed in this environment. It's easy for them to engage with my work." For Andress, the partnership underscores her passion of how art inspires us all. "While each artist is quite unique, everything harmonizes so well with this space," she says. "I'm excited for the community to experience the joy of this show." "His work speaks to an inner journey and is laden with symbolism. The towers in his work represent self." "The series Luis is currently working on combines symbolism and syncretism to join the histories of different cultures with our own, in this time, so we can learn to better cope with the fundamental experiences of life." JONATHAN GRAUEL LUIS ARDILA BALLANTYNE SPRING 2018 69 Feature

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