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the philosophy of syncretism, a notion that diverse cultures, religions and beliefs emanate from a singular source. Her dramatic figurative portraits often feature women and address themes such as fertility and societal roles. "My work is talking about what women have experienced throughout history and why we need to go back to the roles we were originally in — namely goddesses — goddesses working together for the greater good of society," she says. In 2015, the city of Charlotte commissioned her to create a painting of Queen Charlotte presented to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge in honor of their baby, Charlotte. That same year she was chosen to have her work displayed on billboards and other available media space as an ArtPop Street Gallery artist. Andress was appointed to the ASC's Cultural Sector Advisory Council in 2016 and last year was commissioned by ASC's Community Supported Art program to create seven pieces for area public libraries. 'Connector of Creatives' "I was thrilled to be contacted by The Ballantyne to showcase high quality, innovative art created by local artists," says Andress. "It's unexpected for guests to see this quality of work in a Above: "The Haze of Morning's Arrival" by Diane Pike Left: "Innocent Beginnings" by Jean Cauthen Below: "Flowers of the Sacred Tree Oil" by Luis Ardila BALLANTYNE SPRING 2018 66 Feature

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