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BALLANTYNE | date night private trampoline room. Their eyes widened as two spotters on Sky High's staff showed them the ropes on the black trampoline floors with angled trampoline walls. Yellow-cushioned dividers among the trampolines provided a checkerboard appearance to the layout. It didn't take long for the fearless foursome to spring into action. DeJohn began by showing her friend Barilla some airborne cheering moves like the Herkie jump. "I was trying to keep up," says Barilla, "I didn't do anything too crazy, but there were some near collisions that got my heart racing." Mid-Air Miscommunication Donaldson and Jegier were trying to perfect the airborne high-five when miscommunication led to the gridiron teammates experiencing an unplanned crash landing. "High-fives are definitely a right-handed maneuver," says Donaldson, noting Jegier tried to connect with his left hand. "We wiped out but no one was hurt, the spotters came over to make sure we were okay and we were just laughing." It turns out frenetic bouncing and aerobics lead to teens with A tiny photo booth in the arcade called out to the teens, and they were eager to see if all four could fit inside for the shot. DeJohn (right) challenged Jegier to a motorcycle video race. Barilla (far left) and Donaldson enjoy the competition. 50 BALLANTYNE MAGAZINE WINTER 2012-2013

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