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Spin a New Yarn How to Decorate Gifts, Party Favors with Style By Maureen Anders Photos by Becca Bond AS GRAPHIC ARTISTS AND STYLISTS, my partner Adria Ruff and I focus on innovative party and display ideas. One of which is wrapping gifts and favors. At Anders Ruff Custom Designs, we rarely use ribbon for gifts and favors because there are so many other interesting elements to embellish packages. Yarn is one of the elements we love to use. It is not only cost effective but versatile. Whether it's a gift for a baby shower, holiday or birthday, there are so many colors and textures that make an attractive presentation. Plus, you don't have to have fabulously expensive wrapping paper to make a gift look gorgeous. In our recent photo shoot of a gender- neutral baby shower, we used solid gift-wrap in the colors of our scheme to make a bold statement. We then used coordinating tones of yarns in different thicknesses to make the packages distinctive. Here are several techniques you can try if you'd like to relinquish those ribbons and adorn your packages with yarn. Geometric This is as easy as forming stripes, or bands, of yarn. Bands of yarn going vertical and bands of yarn going horizontal provide a fun, contemporary look. Adhere the yarn under the wrapped box with hot glue (dries quickly and well!), and wrap the strands around the box until you like the thickness of your stripe. Hot glue the end of the yarn to stop your band on the underside. Leave space and continue making another stripe/band. You can continue in the other direction to make a crisscross pattern. Diagonal Wrap stripes of yarn around the box at angles. Be sure to use hot glue to keep the yarn from slipping. Geometric Mixed with Diagonal You can do some straight bands of yarn and mix in some on angles. Irregular Go crazy wrapping the yarn around your box and tacking down portions of the yarn with hot glue every now and then to stabilize it. The Bow Topping off the gift is important, too. Instead of a traditional bow, we use yarn poms. They are easy to make by purchasing a yarn-pom maker at a sewing store or by making your own with cardboard. You can find a tutorial in our Ruff Draft column at yarn-poms/. WINTER 2012-2013 BALLANTYNE MAGAZINE 37 Topping off the gift is important, too. Instead of a traditional bow, we use yarn poms. They are easy to make.

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