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furnishings have become more eclectic. "Over the last three decades, furniture manufacturing has evolved into an international industry with a lot of blend- ing of styles, as designs and techniques from different cultures are pulled into our most popular pieces," says Car- roll from Vintage Home Charlotte. For example, she carries a line of one-of-a-kind-items featuring reclaimed wood sourced from homes in India built at the turn of the century. "It's not unusual to see a cabinet or bookcase that integrates a piece of ornate, hand-carved crown molding from a 100-year-old home that was torn down," she says. On one occasion, a customer from India enlightened her on the origin of one of these unusual decorative wooden pieces that she was selling as wall art. "He explained that during that era in India women stayed at home, so this piece of wood with tiny holes in it was really a window that let the woman see through it and get daylight into the room, but prevent anyone from seeing her." The wall art atop this table at Vintage Home Charlotte was once was a window of sorts for stay-at-home women in India. The wood pieces with their tiny holes let in daylight but prevented people from seeing the women. Top Half of Page: Customers at District 5 Interiors often choose lighting fixtures, art, pillows or a brightly colored couch to be a focal point or interest area in a room. BALLANTYNE FALL 2017 42 Feature

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