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tie up his boots and taking so much time," she remembers. "I was like, 'Just put shoes on!'" Turns out the boots were a good call. The laces came in handy when on the way to the hospital Shayne knew they weren't going to make it. "We got to the intersection of Ballantyne Commons Parkway and Elm Lane and that's where my water broke." Less than a quarter mile later, she gave birth to Annie. Mike barely had time to pull over and catch his daughter as she came out. Then he called 911 and listened as emergency dispatchers explained that he should use the shoelaces from his boots to tie the umbilical cord. Shayne sat there with newborn Annie on her chest while they waited on the ambulance, and it suddenly occurred to her that they should take some pictures. "In my dream that's what we did," she says, "so that's what we did!" Flashes of the dream she'd had kept coming back to her — and coming true. The one thing she hadn't dreamed about, or found out ahead of time was the sex of the baby. "At first Mike thought it was a boy; he just didn't look that closely!" she recalls. Once the ambulance arrived, Danny Fermaglich (top left, foreground) poses with dad Mike, sister Shoshana, mom Lauren, brother Jonah and the mini-van Danny was born in. Lauren and Danny (top right) at the hospital soon after his birth. Jonah (bottom), Danny and Shoshana. "Mike was really freaking out because he didn't hear the baby cry." — Lauren Fermaglich Photo courtesy of the Fermaglich family BALLANTYNE MAGAZINE 69 WINTER 2016-2017

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