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the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier every hour, and then walk or take a bus tour through beautifully kept graves of fallen heroes. Museum Madness Even if you've been to Washington's major museums, there are always fabulous new exhibits. This spring the National Air and Space Museum launches "A New Moon Rises" with stunning photos from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera. For a high- fying sugar fx during your visit, order freeze-dried astronaut ice cream. For an intriguing conclusion to your capital adventure, surveil the International Spy You can walk or take a bus tour through beautifully kept graves of fallen heroes at Arlington Cemetery. EXPERIENCE excellence in dentistry 8 9 1 2 B l a k e n e y P r o f e s s i o n a l D r i v e # 4 0 0 , C h a r l o t t e , N C 2 8 2 7 7 dr ste | 704.935.2700 Dentistry and Photography by Dr. Ghim Museum, delving into America's espionage tradecraft dating to 1776. View the "Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains" exhibit, and blow your last dollars on ingenious souvenirs like Wi-Fi cuf links with a secret fash drive for hiding classifed intel. Bond would be proud. Getting There and Around If you drive into Washington, D.C., parking usually costs $50 per night. Instead, Gibbs suggests putting your car in long-term parking at Reagan National Airport, then catching the Metro to your hotel. Luxe accommodations include the Willard InterContinental and the uber modern Mandarin Oriental. Families on a budget like Kimpton's 11 boutique hotels, including the Madera and Rouge with bunk beds that ft four into one suite. BALLANTYNE MAGAZINE 91 SPRING 2016

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