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BALLANTYNE | tee it up No Bunk Here's How to Exit a Greenside Trap with Ease By Nancy Harvey, Master Instructor, Dana Rader Rader Golf School Photos by Ray Sepesy WITH A GOOD SETUP and some simple, progressive drills, you can get out of greenside bunkers (or sand traps) with ease. First, let's talk about a fundamentally sound setup. Start with a square clubface and a square stance. Yes, you read that correctly. If an open clubface, open stance and a swing that cuts across your body were the best way to get out of a greenside bunker, every slicer would be the world's best bunker player. Ok, now that we covered that, let's finish up a sound setup. Clubface and square stance. Sixty to 70 percent of your weight is on your front side (the side closest to the green). The handle of the club points at your belt buckle. Now take a ¾ swing hinging the club with your wrists and finishing in a full follow-through. Try this succession of drills to raise your game coming out of greenside bunkers. I'm a big believer that practice and success breeds confidence. Line Only Draw a line in the sand that starts in the middle of your feet and goes past the club. Practice hitting the line. You need to be able to enter the sand where you want to. The line allows you to see your divot, where it starts and where it exits. Sand Tee Place a ball in front of the line on a little sand tee. Practice hitting the line, and the ball will splash out. No Tee Place the ball in front of the line with no sand tee. Hit the line; the ball will splash out. No Tee, No Line You are now on your way to better greenside bunker play and more saves in the sand. Nancy Harvey A sound setup consists of a square clubface and a square stance. The frst drill is to practice hitting a line drawn in the sand. The second drill involves placing the ball on a sand tee and striking the line. 94 BALLANTYNE MAGAZINE SUMMER 2014 Ball Summer 14 - 3.indd 94 5/21/14 4:41 PM

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