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1 2 3 Gathering Materials Bottles: soda bottles, vinegar bottles, syrup bottles, jam jars, etc. Paint: Olympic A62a and A62b (shades of emerald), $2.99 each, Lowe���s. Syringe: complimentary, Lowe���s. Spray of Roses: $5.99, Trader Joe���s. Key, Sheet Music: prices vary, Christie���s On Main, Old Town Pineville. Washing Bottles 4 Begin by washing bottles and jars and letting them dry completely overnight. Work in a well-ventilated area. 6 5 Painting 1. Withdraw paint using the paint syringe. 2. Insert syringe into each bottle/jar opening and dispense a stream of paint. 3. With the bottle lying horizontal, slowly rotate to evenly cover entire inside surface of the bottle. 4. Pour remaining paint back into jar. 5. Remove excess paint from bottle mouth using a paper towel, dampened with water if needed. 6. Let bottles stand upright for 3-4 hours. 7. Repeat steps 4 and 5. 8. Let bottles rest overnight until completely dried. 9. Fill a disposable ��oral vile with water (do not put water directly into bottles as the paint will wash away). 10. Insert ��owers into vile, arrange them and place vile inside the bottle. 11. Decorate some bottles with keys. 12. Display vases in any place that needs a touch of spring beauty. Use the sheet music as a decorative mat under the vases. SPRING 20 1 3 BALLANTYNE MAGAZINE 63

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