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Ballantyne Magazine covers news, events, real estate, restaurants, shopping, health, schools and business in the upscale Ballantyne Area of Charlotte, NC.

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faces | BALLANTYNE ZACHARY MASON WHITE Birthplace: Tulsa, Okla. Job: Assistant director and interim director of graduate programs, Knight School of Communication, Queens University. What���s your guilty pleasure? Running, particularly in the early summer mornings. Do you live in Ballantyne? Yes. What is your favorite Ballantyne-area restaurant? Cantina 1511. What is your favorite outdoor activity? Running the greenways. Describe your dream vacation. Traveling in Poland. My wife was born there, and I have a great af��nity for the culture and history of the country. What would your theme song be for walking into a room? Anything by Coldplay. What is your favorite news source? I���m a sampler. I like watching and listening to news sources that seemingly contradict what I think I believe. I would be rather caught dead than wear ____. A tie while I teach. I gesture too much! What charitable organizations are you involved with? St. Jude Children���s Research Hospital. I���m a father and there is nothing worse than feeling helpless when it comes to your kids. What is your biggest pet peeve? People who have a lot of answers but few questions. What is a hidden gem in Ballantyne? Watching ��reworks from the parking deck of the Ballantyne Corporate Park. You can see them all the way from Lake Wylie to uptown. Share something that someone would never guess about you. I���m directionally illiterate. I���m one of the few people I know who can get lost even with a GPS device. Getting lost is de��nitely a specialty of mine. SPRING 2013 BALLANTYNE MAGAZINE 29

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