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The Artists at a Glance Editor's Note: Ballantyne Magazine appreciates these artists participating in our arts mashup and sharing their beautiful works with our readers. Their statements on this page have been edited for style and brevity. VAL CHAN "mini red 1" 8" by 8" oil paint on gallery-wrapped canvas "I have a penchant for grids, simple geometric shapes and bright colors. In "mini red 1," I imbue all three attributes into an abstract oil painting. This fall, I will revisit these three concepts (grid, geometric shapes and bright colors) by painting a new grouping of mixed media abstracts on 8-inch by 8-inch canvases." GARY ABRAMOV "People Charlotte" | 18" by 48" oil and acrylic paints on canvas, oak frame | "I have traveled a lot. Charlotte was my first location in the South. The city struck me with its emerald, enchanting sky and interesting people. The people have the temperament of Southerners with a mix of styles and habits. Charlotte's fusion of cultures of South and North gives off an unusually fragrant and exotic taste of urban life." MARISSA "MIA" FRANDSEN "Changing Seasons" 48" by 48" gallery- wrapped canvas, mixed media (marble dust, acrylic and oil paints, charcoal) "To create this work, I mixed marble dust from France into my acrylic paint and transitioned from the brush to the palette knife. The name of the painting was inspired by the men and women who embrace the truth — seasons change. The week I painted this piece my son and daughter were planting boxwoods outside my studio. I am embracing these pre-teen and teen stages of their lives." MARY KAMERER "Butterfly Specimen #4" 24" by 24" oil paint on canvas "This butterfly painting is one of four. I have a specimen box of many butterflies, and this was a monarch. What makes butterflies so fascinating is their vibrant color and quick movement. I wanted to achieve a feeling of fluttering and movement in my brushstrokes, and the broken edges and irregular mark-making to compose the butterfly accentuate that feeling." MARIA SENKEL "Spanish Torero" 16.5" long by 10.5" high by 10.5" deep basswood, acrylic paints "I create fantasy themes with a dose of reality and pinch of humor. I try not to carve what people expect but rather to provide a funnier perspective. In this case, the torero spent more time in the kitchen than the arena. Little did he know that once out there, his courage to fight would be challenged, not by the bull, but by a little mouse no taller than his knees." AMANDA M. MOODY "Sojourn" 36" by 48" mixed media; ink, silver leaf and resin on claybord "Like watching clouds, dreaming or practicing meditation — the observer's eye sees different shapes and effects that I think are brought forth from their subconscious to their conscious mind. My paintings have transparent layers that create the varying depths you see. I want to make people feel as if the hues, movement and shapes are speaking to them." BALLANTYNE FALL 2018 72 Style Points

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