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SIMPLE STEPS TO MINDFULNESS Mindfulness can help you stay in the present and fully participate in your own life. You can practice this powerful tool any time, whether you're taking a walk or just washing the dishes. 1. Start by focusing on the sensations in your body. 2. Breathe in slowly feeling your belly expand, then breathe out through your mouth. Continue to inhale and exhale, noticing the relaxing sensation as oxygen fows in and out. 3. Begin the task at hand, engaging every sense. If you're washing the dishes, for example, notice the slippery feeling between your fngers and the warmth of the dish in your hand, the pleasant smell of dish soap and the iridescent bubbles in the sink. 4. When you realize your mind has wandered, re-direct it back to the here and now. TRUST TED TED GOLDSMITH B A L L A N T Y N E O F F I C E : 704-576-3637 w w w. t e d g o l d s m i t h . c o m To know the Market • To listen to your Needs • To work for You • developments at 6500 Elmstone Drive. It features an abundance of wildlife and interesting granite formations. Walk along the primitive paths, taking note of what you experience and feel your worries fee. b b l i t h W i z s n d r r o d y y d h r o g t o g s o d n o w l c i n s e a d h y u n e n g t h , n e e s h a h t i c e h n g a a r m n a t s f i r s e - BALLANTYNE MAGAZINE 57 WINTER 2015-2016

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